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Located in Oswego, IL, Go Dog Go is open to providing dogs and people with new products and services that will enhance the dog-owner relationships. If you’re interested in training, competitions, trials, dog behavior and health, let us know and we will work to meet your needs and introduce you to others with similar interests.

Dogs - Oswego, IL - Go Dog Go - Have a healthier relationship with your dog.

Learn More About Go Dog Go:

  • Go Cat Go
  • Natural nutrition – natural food, raw food, and homemade treats
  • Natural supplements (and vitamins)
  • Toys and training equipment – we also carry “brain games”
  • Fitness center – treadmill, massage, and fitness analysis
  • Information resource – for dogs, events, and trials details

Contact Go Dog Go today at 630-551-DOGS (3647) for all of your Oswego, IL dog needs.

Go Dog Go 100 South Main Street Oswego, IL
Go Dog Go

100 South Main Street
Oswego, IL